Unique location

Duna Pearl is located in Újlipótváros, the most beloved and contemporary neighbourhood in Budapest’s district XIII., also known locally as “Little Manhattan”.

The project features close proximity to the busiest streets of the city and makes it fun to do things like go shopping, enjoy entertainment, culture, education and health.

Unique with its nature

Duna Pearl lets you see every shade of green with a fully nature-compatible project.

The project is located right in front of the region’s largest park – Szt. István Park and the opposite the Margaret Island- with remarkably green environs the famous Margaret Island, which is a popular location for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The long stretch of the quay also provides a good opportunity for those who want to play sports and relax. In addition to complementing the greenery of the park in the courtyard, Duna Pearl features every shade of green with its specially its designed residential and green roof gardens.

However, for those who love to walk, it’s also a few minutes from the Danube Bank to arrive at the city centre. Those who are travelling by car can also quickly and easily reach the city centre and the exit routes on several ways. The surrounding area offers several variations to manage your daily activities, let be it shopping or a pharmacy. Health and educational institutions are also in the immediate vicinity.